Beauty is surely not the main woman’s quality, but it has a big importance. A constant striving to be liked by men is characteristic of Ukrainian girls. It is especially noticeable in Kiev


Kiev demographists and psychologists assert that in Ukraine as well as in Russia the number of lonely single women who can’t find a dependable life partner is growing fast. Read more


Many Ukrainians dream of leaving for foreign countries because of the war and crisis. For Kiev’s brides one of the most simple ways of settling down abroad is dating and marriage with a foreigner


‘Lady’ is translated as ‘lord’s wife.’ She is definitely fragile and romantic, and very reserved and stylish at the same time. Intelligent and educated Kiev beauties can be defined like this.


In Kiev cinemas a movie was released called ‘To Marry a Foreigner.’ It’s an amazing story of men trying to find wives in Ukraine through a ukrainian marriage agencies.


However, many people agree that there really are many beautiful girls and women in Ukraine. At the same time, beauties live not only in Kiev

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Kiev marriage agency

Journalists of an American edition The New York Times in their article ’25 Hours in Kiev’ assert that the city has become one of the brightest European capitals.
Hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to Ukraine start their acquaintance with the country with this awesome city. Architecture, historical monuments and national Ukrainian coloring are interesting to practically all tourists, but a part of them put it on the background. The first reason why men from the whole world come to Kiev is to make sure in special beauty of local girls and maybe find a good wife with the help of one of numerous Kiev’s dating agencies.

There is no secret that marriage is one of the aims of young Ukrainian girls. Many of them want to successfully get married, create a stable and happy family. Girls have various demands for their choices. Some want their choice to be a successful man, some dream of a brutal macho, and some want a future husband just to love his family and kids. Many modern lonely women in Ukraine don’t see future with their compatriots. Their aim is a marriage with a foreigner. And if local resorts and places of interest are not very popular among Europeans and Americans, tours to ‘brides by mail’ are very well demanded. An economic situation’s decline in Ukraine affects marriage business. In Kiev more and more women wish to find a man from a successful European country, America or Australia. And numerous Kiev dating agencies help them in it. And here is the result: during the first half of this year in the capital there were 9435 marriages registered, from them practically every tenth one – with foreigners (988). Press Service of Ukrainian State Register reports about it. Beginning from the 90-ies thousands of Kiev brides left for America and Europe (since 1991 to 2001 150 thousands of Ukrainian brides left for an American happiness, during the next ten years – 75 thousands left).