Beauty is surely not the main woman’s quality, but it has a big importance. A constant striving to be liked by men is characteristic of Ukrainian girls. It is especially noticeable in Kiev

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A discussion about a country the most attractive girls live is not going to seize, at least in the closest time. This time a Hong-Kong tourist edition added additional fuel to the fire. It made a rating of cities where the most beautiful women live.

The first place was occupied by Kiev girls which surprised beauty specialists. However, Chinese experts are sure that in the Ukrainian capital you will always find girls who possess not just a natural attractiveness but those who have a prominent mind. Women from Kiev, according to Hong Kong research, can easily keep the ball rolling on any intellectual topic or philosophic talk.

If one talks about appearance, a constant striving to be liked by men and be irresistible in their eyes is characteristic for ladies from Kiev. An attractive appearance, charm and sexuality can help to attract men’s attention under conditions of an acute demographic crisis. In Ukraine the number of women considerably exceeds the number of men. An integral feature of Kiev beauties is their smile. It speaks of a good mood, openness and kind soul. Besides, one can notice that women from the capital know how to dress well and with a good taste. In contrast to those from provincial cities they don’t mix concepts of ‘good’ with ‘expensive’ and ‘fashionable’. A woman’s clothes should emphasize her image and advantages. On the streets of Kiev one can’t often come across girls in open clothes, bright colors which can’t be combined with excessive make-up.

What is the secret of phenomenal beauty and attractiveness of Kiev women? It is simple. Mysteriousness, modesty and smile on a face are able to win the heart of anyone. A man can’t let a sincere, spontaneous, and open-hearted woman go. She knows how to listen and know what she wants. Tenderness, sexuality, independence and acute mind attract men to this person more.
It will be interesting for men searching for a Slavic bride to know on what place Moscow and Russian beauties are. Chinese didn’t overlook the Russian capital and it found itself in the sixths line of the rating. Specialists from Hong Kong emphasized that stereotypes about Russian women being boring and vapid which were formed during the times of the cold war should be destroyed. It took some doing for them to find tall blue-eyed blondes in the capital (it is probably a Chinese ideal of beauty). However, they couldn’t talk with them. Moscow women are too serious. That’s why they seem unsociable to their foreign guests. This feature didn’t let Russian beauties get higher in the list of the most attractive women of the world.