Beauty is surely not the main woman’s quality, but it has a big importance. A constant striving to be liked by men is characteristic of Ukrainian girls. It is especially noticeable in Kiev

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Kiev demographists and psychologists assert that in Ukraine as well as in Russia the number of lonely women who can’t find a dependable life partner is growing fast. The thing is not only in deficiency of men, but in the loss of many values. Many modern women got disappointed in men and prefer surviving on their own, putting financial as well as domestic problems on their tender shoulders. However, as specialists warn, for a young, beautiful, and successful girl even having a strong wish it is extremely hard to find her second half. It’s almost a lottery. Concurrence here is extremely severe. Contrary to an opinion popular, there are less girls born in Ukraine than boys. It goes about a correlation of about 100 to 106. ‘However, up to 20 there is an equation of the number of men and women. After this age limit there is a visible overbalance to the good of the weaker half of the humanity.
Many Ukrainian men are destroyed by alcohol abuse. A part of them dies in car accidents, or as the result of either fights or armed conflicts. According to experts, all these are the reasons for a mass loneliness of Ukrainian women. ‘Up to the middle age concurrence at the marriage market is becoming very high. That’s why it is becoming harder and harder for ladies at the age from 30 to 40 to find a worthy husband for themselves.

What does every bride from Ukraine dream of seeing in her man?
According to the results of a recent polling held by the pollster in Kiev, the most valuable quality of a man for Ukrainian brides is being sustainable. 31% of those polled feminine respondents mentioned this feature as the most important one for them. In the top ten of men’s qualities found themselves such ones as kindness (17%), intelligence (16%), decency (15%), honesty (14%), manhood (13%), carefulness and respect (12%), working capacity (10%) and responsibility (9%). Ukrainian women also attach importance to faithfulness (8%), cheerful and easy character (6%), absence of bad habits, financial success of a man (5% each). 3% of them value in representatives of the stronger sex politeness, domesticity, generosity, 2% ¬value orderliness, knowing how to be a good family man, equability. At the same time appearance, handsomeness, and attractiveness of a man turned to be for the participants not the most important feature. It was mentioned by only 8% of respondents.