There are legends about Kiev beauties, people from the whole world admire them, they are dreamt of, they are envied. A style of local women that was formed in this metropolis for years can’t be compared with Milan or New York fashion. It’s a special, maybe too bright, but a really sincere look.

Despite that many girls in Kiev are dressed according to the latest tendencies of world fashion that popularizes unisex more and more, Ukrainian beauties manage to stay feminine and romantic that is very much valued by men.

A romantic image of Kiev girls is multifaced, but its most characteristic features stay unchanged: these are an emphasized emotionality and femininity. Femininity can have many shades – naivety, pureness, tenderness, flippancy, delicacy, elegance, a calm sureness in one’s own attractiveness, a brightly pronounced sexuality or a cold distance…. Look at these photos – that is the beauty one can come across in any place of our city: in the metro, in a car, in a street or in a café, in a shop or in a beauty salon. Surely, extremely deep decollates, ultra-short shorts and a very tight fitting clothing emphasizing one’s breasts, waist and thighs can be certainly met in Kiev, but girls of our city still have their own, inimitable romantic style.

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Juliya, 29 y/o: I am waiting for a dramatic changes in my life, cause I am ready for LOVE!   Alena, 29 y/o: I am tall, attractive, self-confident and very well-educated Kiev lady. I consider myself clever and attractive

Lina, 20 y/o: I’m a romantic and very passionate person, feminine and dreamy.. I like when a man makes for his woman different romantic dates   Elena, 28 y/o: I try to be always honest with the people around me and uppermost with myself.

Elena, 39 y/o : I am very kind, smart, easy-going, fun and sensual Kiev woman, I play no games... at least with feelings!   Natalya, 39 y/o: I am kind, responsive, open and optimistic divorced lady and I have a son! I am a real woman with all her sides:))

Julia, 24 y/o: I would like to meet a reliable, care-giving and loving man who I can stay till the end of my life with   Ludmila, 30 y/o: I want to build something beautiful and long-lasting, brick by brick, with patience, understanding, compromises and deep love.