Many girls from the capital to the opinion of stylists look all day as if they are going to a dinner party. Dressed too smart and having a too bright make-up – that is the look chosen by girls wishing attention to themselves or striving to become public figures. However, knowing how to choose clothing emphasizing one’s figure and concealing its drawbacks, create an image conveying a happy and playful mood always differentiated Kiev ladies.

Look at these photos. Young and beautiful Kiev girls in them are playful and mysterious, their clothing is sexy but not provoking. Their photos are erotic, but not too explicit. Pictures are made ‘as if not on purpose’: two upper buttons are unbuttoned ‘by chance’, a skirt is a little bit lifted by wind. Times passed when pictures in pin-up style were popular, but this unusual trend is still actual among Ukrainian women.

One must admit that ‘hot girl’ photos demand from a girl not a suitable image only, but a body that is trained, beautiful, has no excessive weight or too skinny, a correct posture, and proportions close to ideal.

However, many women from Kiev make little tricks to make their photos ‘hotter’. Shoes on high heels help them to look slimmer and emphasize length and beauty of their legs (used by a great popularity in Kiev), and a deep decollate makes woman’s breasts a bit bigger…

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Juliya, 28 y/o: I am tender, young & beautiful, caring, sexy and passionate as well..   Elena, 29 y/o: I'm a gentle, honest, romantic Ukrainian lady. I have various interests, from reading books in the absolute stillness to horse ridding.

Olga, 35 y/o: I adore entertainment and I'm sure that we have to risk and to live a full life, as it's only one.   Anastasiya, 29 y/o: I want to meet honest, kind and romantic man, who wants to find real love and to create a family.

Anastasiya, 28 y/o: You’ll be my man, soul and heart, explorer of my sexuality and beauty... me.   Olga, 27 y/o: The credo of my life is to enjoy all what I do!! I speak some foreign languages

Natalya, 28 y/o: Now I'm READY to FEEL something new INSIDE my HEART and filling up my heart with HAPPY story   Marina, 25 y/o: I'm serious, financially successful young woman with a kind heart who is ready to make a big step and to find her love abroad.