Beauty is surely not the main woman’s quality, but it has a big importance. A constant striving to be liked by men is characteristic of Ukrainian girls. It is especially noticeable in Kiev

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In Ukraine a woman one calls a Lady when one wants to emphasize her superiority in everything, over other girls. She is majestic and splendid, she attracts attention without saucy glances and inspires respect without words. She is one of those women who are envied and admired by other women, and with whom men want to be. She knows what to do in any situation. She is smart and strong, but by her side her beloved one doesn’t feel himself ‘an ordinary man’. He feels himself needed and desired.
Such a woman is a dream of any lonely man. It may sometimes seem unrealizable. But we can assure you that such ladies exist and one can come across them in Kiev. A modern capital girl should always go out and find herself under attentive glances of many acquaintances, colleagues and even enviers. That’s why Kiev women need to always be real ladies. Though the times of knights, dragons, and real ladies have long ago passed, and financial and social status problems dominate, in Ukraine there still are brides who are worthy to be wives of lords.

Manners, etiquette, tactfulness, and knowing how to behave are eternal. Elegance always charms and inspires respect. These rules of behavior are characteristic of many Kiev women. In the majority of cases it is conditioned by social origin, classic spiritual and family values. The main mission of women is to be wives, mothers, family goddesses. In Kiev women it is combined with natural beauty, sophisticated charm and wonderful attractiveness.
These ladies seem to have always to be happy and create a family. However, as a rule, such Ukrainian girls are lonely. And the reason of this loneliness are men. It is a fear of very close and trust relationships with Ukrainian men not used to value women. Every Ukrainian woman always wants to be defended. A man, instead of supporting them tries to find a support.

Beauty, education, woman’s wisdom, style, and spirituality are apt to almost every Ukrainian woman. This list of features can be valued not by many Ukrainian men. And very few of them are able to secure them with a good living standards.
Probably, that’s the reason why in Ukrainian migration process a considerable number is formed by lonely Kiev ladies, searching for happiness in marriage with foreign men.